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He accepts his wife's interracial daughter into his family.
The villains escape, but the victim's sister kills them.
The amiable botanist was a psychotic heir to the client's fortune.
Her fianceƩ whom she thought dead turned up on her wedding day.
The adorable young boy was trying to poison the baby.
They were using her in hopes of warding off their identical daughter's lover.
Holmes isn't dead after all, and his nemesis's right hand man tries to murder him.
There was a pearl concealed in the last bust.
He tricked them with a dummy and a gramophone.
He had contracted leprosy.
The villain's associate fell in love with their intended victim.
The cabbie was the killer.
He was pretending to be ill to trap the villain.
He was being hunted by the KKK.
A jellyfish was the cause of the deaths.
Sherlock Holmes and his archnemesis die.
He had used a hallucinogenic powder that induced uncontrollable fear when burnt.
Her face had been disfigured by a lion.
The society of murderers' most trusted member was an undercover detective.
The missing person was mourning his dead lover.
Watson gets shot (again...)
Years earlier, the victim had lured the killer into a suicide mission to get with the woman he loved.
The spy and his secretary were Holmes and Watson.

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