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Assistant girl at Tohodo. Rarely seen or heard of.
Blond art teacher, unawarely connected to a strong SILENT.
Big, amiable dog, friend of a 'witch'.
Kisaragi newscaster, occasional employer of blue-haired girl.
Short, mushroom-haired boy with more than a few social problems.
Young, innocent girl, mesmerises the art teacher. Carrier of SILENT.
Leader of PICUS. Quiet, objective attitude.
Cruel animal breeder. Depression worsened by Shinen.
Blue-haired, hoody-wearing self-proclaimed 'spy'. Killed by the main antagonist.
Blue-haired young journalist. Has a knack for getting in trouble.
Kind-hearted policewoman. Falls victim to a serial killer.
Leeches off of men for her own benefit, leaves once they stop giving her money.
Unfriendly general store owner, in league with the villains.
Blue-haired unnatural telepath who comes in about halfway through the game.
Red-haired school nurse, more troubled than she lets on.
Professional cameraman, takes up teaching at Kisaragi.
Owner of local arcade, tends to lose his composure and act unprofessional.
Oddly dressed, claims he's a spy. Seeks to absorb Kisaragi's Shinen and become one with SILENT.
Afflicted with a violent attitude, his appearance evokes criminal intentions.
Agent of FORT. Rival of protagonist, mostly.
Owner of internet cafe. Comedic relief.
Manager of the post office, deeply attached to his doll Kee-chan.
Leader of FORT, formerly part of PHALANX.
13 year-old girl with Shinen-scanning abilities.
Book lover, owns Tohodo and always wears a kimono.
Red-haired girl, removal of her SILENT is a crucial point in the storyline.
Snake-like teacher with a sinister demeanor.
Bratty computer geek, uncovers some plot points by chance.
Superficially, a bumbling policeman. In truth, infamous serial killer.
Eccentric history teacher, studying a form of life energy called 'Odo'.
Secretary at FORT, gives the protagonist his mission feed.
Older sister of a 'witch', headstrong police officer.
Ill-fated cat whom a 'witch' is very fond of.
Chinese girl with mild telepathic abilites.
Protagonist. FORT agent, user of sig-ma and eraser of SILENT.
Fraction of the protagonist's soul, warns 'witch' about the main villain.
Owner of Deep Sea. Seems to love other men.
Owner of cake restaurant, a widow with some trouble raising his son.
FORT-imposed chief of police. Her wishes of taking a break are not reflected by her actions.
Kindly but somewhat naive teacher. Has a soft spot for almost everything.
Young boy who gains telepathic powers after his SILENT removal.
Nurse with her head in the clouds, makes up couples with other characters.
Stoic glass-wearing girl with orange hair, target of a unique SILENT.
Hapless baker-in-training, with a temper and some knowledge of martial arts.
Has the ability to tell fortunes, is one of two 'witches' in Kisaragi.
Owner of the cinema, film connoiseur.
Can communicate with animals, one of two 'witches' in Kisaragi.
European writer and bank owner. Leader of rival organisation PHALANX.

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