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A redneck and a snarky girl team up to crush an old woman under a boulder and do jigsaw puzzles. Redneck's sister narrowly escapes transformation into an ogre.
A strapping young man dresses in leather and enters an old family acquaintance's dungeon to whip him mercilessly.
Cops break into a house and kill everyone inside.
Nerd with thick glasses tries to solve his problems with a crowbar.
A lawyer defends the innocent through courtroom antics and really dramatic pointing, beating down an old friend and said friend's mentor in the process. His dead boss helps him.
Guy named after a penis builds a fortress named after a clitoris and is defeated by a guy named after an erection.
A group of people are at the complete mercy of a whimsical and cruel god who alternates between deleting their toilets and trapping them inside the very walls of their own homes.
A world where kids are allowed to leave at 10 years of age, battle with special animals which metamorphose into grotesque oversized monsters, and fight the local crime syndicate.
A small blue mammal steals batteries from a fat man.
A boy in a green skirt and tights collects the hearts of his slain enemies, engages in arson, pesters the elderly and blows up endangered dinosaurs.
Two Brits are trapped in a town where puzzles are Serious Business.
All-consuming glutton shaped like pizza takes illicit substances to consume ghosts.
An evil turtle king has turned all the denizens of the world into bricks. The Damsel In Distress can only be saved by two blue-collar workers who do a lot of mushrooms.
Your daughter gets lost in a foggy resort town, and an antiques dealer tries to convince you that she's actually her daughter. The cop and the doctor don't clarify things.
Pink puffball fights a greedy hammer-wielding penguin by eating his enemies and absorbing their powers. He tends to make things worse by accident.
Pirates try to conquer the universe using jellyfish, and the only one who can stop them is an orphaned girl raised by birds.
A demonic horde can only conquer Earth if they can prove their kung-fu is better than our kung fu in a ritualized contest created by the elder gods.

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