Doctor Who: Characters by TvTropes

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Can you name the Doctor Who doctors, companions and villains by trope?

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Cute Clumsy Girl, Hair Of Gold, Wide-Eyed Idealist
Crazy Prepared, Hobo, Trope Codifier
Intrepid Reporter, Lady Of Adventure, Plucky Girl
Beard of Evil, Evil Former Friend, Master Of Disguise
Badass Longcoat, Genius Sweet Tooth, Scarf of Asskicking
Defrosting Ice Queen, Distaff Counterpart, Overly Long Name
Badass Teacher, Brainy Brunette, Mistaken For Gods
Brave Scot, Fish Out Of Temporal Water, Man In A Kilt
Body Horror, Was Human Once, You Will Be Assimilated
Honor Before Reason, Sociopathic Soldier, Attack Its Weak Point
The Atoner, Jerk With A Heart Of Gold, Survivor Guilt
Absolute Xenophobe, Creepy Monotone, Turned Against Their Masters
Emperor Scientist, Genius Cripple, Omnicidal Maniac
The Chessmaster, Nice Hat, Trrrilling Rrrs
Anti-Hero, Badass Mustache, Colonel Badass
Action Girl, Mad Bomber, Tomboy

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