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 It’s quite natural. After all, you have objects of historical interest on Earth, so why not a museum in space? I always thought I’d find one someday.
 You have the Cybermen's own weapon, this laser to turn against them. Now they will have to obey. If they refuse, we shall destroy the opening device and seal them up in their tomb forever.
 There will be a rather large bang, big enough to blow up Zeos, take Atrios with it, and make certain the whole thing ends in a sort of draw. That's the way these military minds work. The Armageddon factor.
 Then they must be put on that rocket. In the meantime the Moonbase is to be put in quarantine.
 Doctor. A Silurian.
 Wherever it was, there can be no escape for you! Let the talons of Weng-Chiang shred your flesh!
 Once they get that old crate up into space, I can cut in the remote control any time I like. Stop their oxygen and deliver a cargo of dead pirates to General Hermack.
 We're back inside Axos, and these claws or whatever you call them, they're a living part of Axos.
 That is not important. If you help me find the keys of Marinus, I will let you have access to your machine when you have delivered all the keys to me. If not, you will stay on the island without food or water.
 Look at that one there. He's just like Wang-Lo, all fat, smooth and silky. And look at this one here. He's very solemn. He's just like Marco Polo.
 Look, nobody is going to rescue me, least of all an abominable snowman. And hasn't it occurred to you, that innocent or guilty, whatever's been killing your monks might very well kill me.
 The mind of evil, Jo. I should have realised. That creature feeds on the evil impulses of the brain.
 You know, she could be anywhere. There must be a better way of doing it than this. We've come full circle. You know what I think?
 Now why would I have forgotten? Got it. Of course! Salyavin was imprisoned on Shada. Yes. Ask me who Salyavin is.
 The treaty between our two empires established a frontier in space. We have never violated that frontier. You have invaded our part of the galaxy many times.
 One of the people retrieved from the rogue spaceship is coming to your section. I'd like you to show him over the Wheel and observe him.
 If the androids were to fail in their task, the Kraal invasion of Earth could not even begin. Suppose the Doctor were to turn the androids against us?
 Hickman! He's dead! They killed him! Came from the sea. The sea. A sea devil!
 Because I have seen these Dominators. We were taken aboard their spacecraft. Believe me, they're callous. Without pity.
 You go back to the colony and persuade your friends to get off this planet.
 Wait, it says, wait! With glaciers on the one hand, and warriors on the other!
 The war games on this planet are simply the means to an end. The aliens intend to conquer the entire galaxy. A thousand inhabited worlds.
 Ah, all these fine sturdy Highlanders. Used to hard work and little food. Think what a price they'd fetch in Jamaica or Barbados, Perkins.
 Am I left with nothing but mutants?
 It's all to do with the chameleon circuit problem. We measure the police box on Earth, then we take the measurements afterwards to Logopolis. Come on, I'll show you.
 ADRIC: What am I looking for?
DOCTOR: Well, you know, Traken, Keepers, all-pervading evil.
 So that's it! You're a time meddler! No wonder you wanted to get rid of me. And what are you trying to get up to this time?

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