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(A) - If you have a Canadian one of these, you must know all aboot this answer, eh? 
(B) - This invasive procedure is one of the best ways to confirm cancer. 
(C) - A feeling you often experience during the wintertime; not to be confused with the country. 
(D) - An adjective used to describe Harry Callahan or the type of dancing Patrick Swayze prefers. 
(E) - This one's not hard if you just use a little of this. 
(F) - Popular robotics organization for high school students founded in 1989. 
(G) - The Flying Dutchman/
Casper/Nearly Headless Nick
(H) - American Idol's one of these is Ryan Seacrest. 
(I) - This mischievous mythological creature is often compared to fairies and demons. 
(J) - Many sing to bring This to the World at Christmastime. 
(K) - An old man's hands may be gnarled and this; but don't worry, he isn't going to try and cop a feel. 
(L) - Any good roller coaster has at least one of these. 
(M) - If you're ever lost, look for this on the north side of trees and rocks. 
(N) - What's left of the cocoa bean after it's used to make chocolate. 
(O) - A skateboard jump invented by Alan Gelfand in 1976. 
(P) - If you're travelling from New York City to London, one might say that you're taking a trip across this. 
(Q) - The life energy inherent in all things according to Chinese philosophy. Try not to CHEAt with this one. 
(R) - The fourth largest city in the European Union. 
(S) - Patrick Star is best friends with one of these. 
(T) - These popular type of toy dolls are also known as Leprechauns, Gonks, and Norfins. 
(U) - The team that fell to the United States in the 1980 Miracle on Ice. 
(V) - A small, mouse-like rodent of the Cricetidae family; very strongly resembles a mole (wink). 
(W) - If you're not right you're... left? 
(X) - The chemical symbol for Xenon. 
(Y) - The 'sun' in 'sunny side up.' 
(Z) - Take away this word from Rod Sterling's creation and you get a vampire love story. 

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