If I Had a Million Dollars

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Can you name the things the Bare Naked Ladies would do/wouldn't do with a million dollars?

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If I Had a Million DollarsThing to doHint
I'd buy you aI'd buy you one
I'd buy youMaybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman
I'd buy you a A nice reliant one
I'd built aYou could help. It wouldn't be that hard.
We'd haveWhy don't they have bacon?
I'd buy you aNot a real one. That's cruel
I'd buy you an Maybe a llama.
I'd buy youAll them crazy elephant bones
If I Had a Million DollarsThing to doHint
We wouldn't have toA limo would cost more
We wouldn't have toWe would, just more
We'd buy really expensiveAll the dijon ones
I'd buy you aBut not a real one, that's cruel too.
I'd buy you someA Picasso or a Garfunkel
I'd buy you a Haven't you always wanted one?
I'd buy yourIf I had a million dollars
If I had a million dollars!!!!!!!!!

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