Mega Word Ladder: Tarantino

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Quentin Tarantino themed word ladder?

Updated Jul 23, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
▼ Directed 'Reservoir ___' ▼
Old Venetian leader
'___ Stop Believin' by Journey
Helvetica or Times New Roman, e.g.
12 inches
Steel-toed shoe
A seafaring vessel
An impudent child
RuPaul's '___ Race'
Having a boring color
Take with your hand
Slang, for food
Monster in 'Zork'
▼ Wrote '___ Romance' ▼
Elm or elder, e.g.
Clue4-Letter Word
Having no cost
Ends of legs
Covering for a pool table
Inventor of the telephone
A pod of cotton
Turn water to steam
A fencing weapon
Off to the side, like a baseball
▼ Co-directed '___ Rooms' ▼
Travel to concerts, as a band
All, in French (plural)
Throw a baseball lightly
'Friend' played by Schwimmer
___ Hashanah
▼ His go-to actor Tim or Eli ▼
Clue4-Letter Word
Mechanical memorization
Give 5 Sporcle globes to
A finely chopped meat spread
Having no facial color
Flesh of fingertip
▼ Directed '___ Fiction' ▼
Yank toward oneself
A type of knitting stitch
Throw a baseball with force
Cause pain to
Jazz trumpeter Al of 'Java'
The holding end of a sword
A Scottish skirt
▼ Directed '___ ___: Vol. 1 ▼
▼ Directed '___ ___: Vol. 2 ▼

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