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Can you name the missing word in each adage below?

Updated Dec 10, 2010

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A _____ in time saves nine
An _____ a day keeps the doctor away
All work and no play makes Jack a _____ boy
Those who live in _____ houses shouldn't throw stones
Absence makes the _____ grow fonder
Fools rush in where _____ fear to tread
The squeaky _____ gets the oil
Birds of a _____ flock together
Necessity is the _____ of invention
Don't throw the _____ out with the bathwater
Don't _____ your chickens until they are hatched
The _____ is always greener on the other side of the fence
There is more than one way to _____ a cat
_____ is a dish best served cold
What's good for the _____ is good for the gander
The pen is mightier than the _____
You cannot make a silk _____ out of a sow's ear
Blood is _____ than water
A penny saved is a penny _____
All that _____ is not gold
Never look a _____ horse in the mouth
Good _____ make good neighbors
Never judge a _____ by its cover
If at first you don't _____ try try again
She can't see the _____ for the trees
You can't _____ an old dog new tricks
A _____ stone gathers no moss
The road to hell is _____ with good intentions
Laugh, and the _____ laughs with you; weep and you weep alone
Don't put the cart before the _____

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