How I Met Your Mother (Season 8)

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Can you answer the trivia questions from season 8 of How I Met Your Mother?

Updated Apr 2, 2014

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Who becomes Marvin's nanny?
Lily and Marshall revoke what rule that they implemented with their friends after Marvin is born?
What is the name of Ted's basketball team, made up of fellow architects?
Barney tells Ted that he is going to propose to whom?
Robin Sparkles' grunge alter-ego is called?
Who was the stranger that Robin let hold a crying Marvin while she was watching him?
What did Lily steal from The Captain's apartment?
Where does The Captain invite Lily to move with him?
Which 'Karate Kid' makes an appearance as the clown at the end of the episode?
What constantly referenced character makes an appearance for the first time?

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