How I Met Your Mother (Season 3)

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Can you answer the trivia questions from season 3 of How I Met Your Mother?

Featured Mar 24, 2014

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The girl that Barney and Ted make a bet over plays bass in what kind of band?
What item does Blah Blah sell in Japan?
What amusement park does Marshall join an evil firm to defend?
What was the name of Ted's detective club he had as a kid?
What word does Robin use in so many sentences her friends can't stand it?
Who does Barney bet he can get Ted to grow a moustache?
Who does Barney seduce, breaking the Platinum Rule?
What is the name of the website that Marshall sends to Barney?
What kind of animal can't stand Lily's artwork?
What's wrong with Marshall and Lily's apartment?

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