How I Met Your Mother (Season 1)

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Can you answer the trivia questions from season 1 of How I Met Your Mother?

Updated May 2, 2014

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Ted and Barney lick what national landmark?
On Halloween who dresses up as a penguin?
What rule does Barney invent to end a date in the first five minutes?
In the episode 'Belly Full of Turkey', what do Barney and Lily both get arrested for?
Who writes a phone number on Ted's arm the night that he blacks out?
What is Stuart's wife's name?
What board game does Robin invite Barney back to her apartment to play?
Where is Victoria's fellowship?
In the episode 'Life Among the Gorillas', what song do Marshall and Lily sing together?
Who does Ted say always told him nothing good happens after 2AM?

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