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Can you name the 5 letter rungs of this loosely Beatles themed word ladder?

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Shake it up baby now! ( _____ + rung 25)1
A secret meeting or a hunting post2
To rely on the integrity of something3
Outer edges of bread4
The highest part of a hill or mountain5
Fifteen men often found on a dead man's?6
More kings have died when playing this game than any other7
Star Wars species originating from the planet Csilla8
An obese person and a Chinese phone book may have many of these?9
A speck of light, such as seen in a tunnel or through a door10
____ for Yourself' - Rubber Soul (1965)11
___ You Girl' - Past Master Vol 1 (1963)12
A miscued golf shot or a tasty cut of lamb13
Double oscar winner Hilary, who may have very expensive taste in infants14
Birds found in St James Park, have been known to end up on the dining table!15
MRI, CT or PET perhaps?16
Kroenke, Kazakh, Kubrick and Kyrgyrz!17
I saw her ____ing there' - Please Please Me (1963)18
Mean Mr Mu_____' - Abbey Road (1969)19
Look at fixedly20
Not quite a strikeā€¦21
The reproductive body of an organism22
Buzkashi in Bangladesh, Glima in Iceland or Pato in Argentina?23
A little teapot's accompaniment to a handle24
Come on come on come on come on baby now! (rung 1 + ____ )25

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