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Can you name the 5-letter words in this early Beatles-themed word ladder?

Updated Jun 7, 2016

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Clue5-Letter Word
** Beatles 1963 cover: [First Rung] and [Last Rung] **
Obsolete spelling of a secret meeting
To rely on the integrity of something
Outer edge of bread
The highest part of a hill or mountain
Monopoly's 'Community ___'
Game where black and white kings battle
Edible herb often added to soup or sandwiches
Uncultured and rude
A room within a school where lessons are taught
Band with 'The' that sang 'London Calling'
Superhero born Barry Allen
A small holder for booze
Clue5-Letter Word
The side of an army or side of beef
Sound of a heavy chain
Slang for prison
A weak spot, as in a suit of armor
** '___ for Yourself' - Rubber Soul (1965) **
** '___ You Girl' - Past Master Vol 1 (1963) **
A miscued golf shot or a tasty cut of lamb
Punish a child with a butt slap
Possible ignition source
A hybrid eating utensil
A sore loser is also known as a 'poor ___'
A little teapot's accompaniment to the handle
** Beatles 1963 cover: [First Rung] and [Last Rung] **

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