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Can you name the rhymes based on the X-Men?

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X-Men HintX-Men RhymeRhyme Hint
A Haloed heavenly creatureThe band made popular by “Walk Like an Egyptian”
The capital of ArizonaDeceptions often used by magicians
A high risk movePassing through
Mascot of MichiganLike a statuette, often made of pewter
A generic term for a hairy animal, Sega's “Altered...”A celebration involving copious amounts of food
Worms that come out in the eveningAn MMA Fighter
She controls the weatherOn-campus housing, comes from the Latin for sleep
Leela's race in FuturamaFor dry red eyes (two words)
The non-Jean Grey psychokinetic X-ManBuddies with Master Shake and Meatwad
An Irish legend, a female spirit who warns of impending doomA kitchen closet
The Man of Steel (from Russia and Marvel)Examples include: Alfredo, Marinara, or Bologne
He's a man with the power of iceA Mexican dessert
A Jesuit UniversityA religious figure that came for us (eg Jesus Christ)
In spite of her powers, I would still make out with herA big fashion magazine

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