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Can you name the rhymes based on the MLB teams?

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This team was formerly in Montreal (Washington)Part-music featured prominently in the Renaissance and Baroque areas
A shifty or dishonest person (Los Angeles)An alcoholic beverage
Chain of mountains (Colorado)Japanese rice alcohol
They're In the Outfield (Los Angeles/Anaheim)String, wire, or hair that is in disarray
One who navigates a ship (Seattle)A short-barreled pistol
Half of a Liger (Detroit)Another word for code or a character from the Matrix
Jack's adversary upon the beanstalk (San Francisco)A cruel leader
Like the Tudors (Kansas City)A skin condition or hot water
An attribute of athletes (Oakland)Of or relating to speech sounds
Father in Spanish (San Diego)A type of dance
Beer maker (Milwaukee)How Nielsen measures it ratings
Native Americans (Cleveland)One of the jazz modes
The color of rust (Cincinnati)“I AM THE LAW”
An art museum or “How I ___ Your Mother” (New York)To wager a given amount of money
Fearless People (Atlanta)Made by tides or trig functions
Bleached Bloody Footwear (Chicago)A quick this jumps over a lazy brown dog
Jack Sparrow's mates in the Caribbean (Pittsburgh)The kinds of foods you eat
Baby bear (Chicago)Like a hoagie or underwater transportation
Formerly Devil (Tampa Bay)Another word for income
The Phanatic is their mascot (Philadelphia)The only group to ever have their Grammy revoked (double rhyme)
Pull (New York)Member of “The Little Rascals”
Orange Birds (Baltimore)Gap or inconsistency in a story line
The elect the Pope (St. Louis)a minute portion of matter, a branch of physics
Gemini (Minnesota)Qui Gonn or a type of alcohol
Sky colored birds notorious for protective mothersSanta's means of conveyance
Jetsons dog (Houston)This dictator supposedly tried out for the Washington Senators
Bloody Footwear (Boston)A type of show hosted by Maury or Oprah
A type of snake in the southwest or a turtle in the midatlantic(Arizona)Beavis and Butthead setting AND a government imposed surcharge
A large edible billfish (Florida)Creator of Family Guy
Go Go Power (Texas)Hermione ________

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