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Can you name the corporate rhymes by the hints below??

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Petrochemical companyWhat companies used to guarantee upon retirement
Foodservice distributor70's dance club
Opposite of 'Worst Sell'Synonym of 'Exam' AND antonym of 'Girl'
Subsidiary of VolkswagenA cowboy greeting
Yang and Filo's search giantA pot of melted chocolate or cheese
Rival to Lowe'sA type of football stadium AND what happens to your car if you miss payments
They gave us the Assembly Line and the Model T (and probably A-S)1st 3rd 5th Octave
Animation and theme park powerhousePlayfully quaint
Creator of Viagra and 1998 one-linersA type of leader or a type of roll
Computer company founded in a dorm room aka a computer companyA type of phone or where the Dell dude ended up
Responsible for John Ratzenberger's post-Cheers careerAn Arabian marketplace or a synonym for weird
They make airplanes!Foxfire mold has this quality in the dark
Insurance company endorsed by PeanutsA domestic animal AND a domestic woman (circa 1950)
Brin and Page's search giantA low level drawing
Bull's Eye!Examples include stock, niche, and farmer's
Like a Good NeighborOpposite of 'Love' AND a type of spell

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