Vampire the Masquerade Characters

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Can you name the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Characters from their in-game quotes?

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'Trouble sure seems to like you.'
'I'm not frightening you, am I duckling?'
'Can I get you anything? Tea, perhaps?'
'That baby-faced, two-bit prince LaCroix got something to say to me?'
'Look who finally made it'
'Stolen?!? STOLEN?!?! HOW? Who would? Oh... Gary. Gary, you treasonous maggot!'
'They just plop you out here like a naked baby in the woods.'
'I see my reputation, for once, does not preceed me.'
'Spaghetti and corpses, Boss.'
'I have been looking forward to meeting you for quite some time.'
'I was starting to take it personally, and then who should finally walk in, but a real celebrity.
'If Nines hadn't told me to watch this place, I'd be over there right now making skank sushi.'
'To gouge out the eyes of the Camarilla.'

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