WCW Wrestlers Finishers: 1996

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Can you name the WCW Wrestlers Finishers: 1996?

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Finishing Move Wrestler
Torture Rack
Texas Cloverleaf
Badd Day
Dangerous Queen Bomb
Kneeling Belly To Belly Piledriver
Scorpion Death Lock
Atomic Leg Drop
Shark Bomb
Cross Armbar
Double Foot Stomp
Tongan Death Grip
Crippler Crossface
Train Wreck
Old Glory
Quittin' Time
Sleeper Hold
Swan Dive Headbutt
Figure Four Leglock
Liger Bomb
Diving Elbow Drop
La Valagueza
Tower Of London
Renegade Splash
Quebec Crash
110th Street Slam
Chart Buster
Doomsday Device
Finishing Move Wrestler
Power Surge
Diamond Cutter
Regal Stretch
Code Red
Outsider's Edge
Air Pillman
Juvi Driver
Running High Knee
Mongo Spike
West Coast Pop
Kick Of Fear
747 Splash
Sidewalk Slam
Skull Bomb
Jacknife Splash
Jacknife Powerbomb
Harlem Hangover
Trip To Nastyville
German Suplex
No Laughing Matter
Stock Market Crash
Tornado DDT
Figure Four Leglock
Psycho Guillotine
Tequila Sunrise
Shooting Star Press
Steiner Bulldog
Canadian Shocker
Dragon Sleeper

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