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Well, well, well, I fell just like I'm falling in love
I was a young man whose intentions were good, kept my hands in my pockets the way that I should
Skin and bones, it ain't such a pity if you think I'm vain baby shut your lip
I kept the right ones out, and let the wrong ones in
There's a cockroach in my coffee, there's a needle in my arm
You wonder why you've got holes in your shoes, you wonder why they've got more money than you
Finders keepers losers weep, down on forty second street, oh barefoot children crying my oh my
Looking through the looking glass, looking back at me, I got x-ray rear view vision but I don't like what I see
Sitting on a castle on the floor with Esmerelda, waiting for the geezer Captain Crunch to come around
You think you're in love like it's a real sure thing, but every time you fall you get your ass in a sling
There's something wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is
Pink, is my new obsession, pink, it ain't even a question
When I woke up this morning, on the wrong side of the bed
High-class, moolah, bolt ons, fast cars
There was a time, when I was so broken hearted
Come here baby
If I could change the world, like a fairy tale, I would drink the love from your holy grail
Opening LineSong
Wake up kid it's half past your youth say nothing's really changing but the date
I've got a rip in my pants and a hole in my brand new shoes
Cyberotic head explode, information overload
This girl that I knew, she loved me and blew me away
Shocking! Psychadelic sandwich
I love to look into your big brown eyes, they talk to me and seem to hypnotize
If you thing that your strong, wanna fight? Well come on
God I love the sweet taste of india, lingers on the tip of my tongue
I took a course in hallelujah, I went to night school for de blues
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile when you are sleeping
There's a candle burning, in the world tonight, for another child, who vanished out of sight
Love, has got, me down, a tear, just hit, the ground
Up in smoke, you lost another lover, as you take a hit off your last cigarette
The day roles in, the night roles out, desire rules, without a doubt
You say one thing then you do another, you got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother
I'm down a one way street, with a one night stand, with a one track mind, down in no man's land

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