24 Deaths: Day One

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Can you name the 24 Deaths: Day One?

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KillerCharacterTime Of Death
Mandy12:57 am
Ira Gaines' Hitman01:11 am
Ira Gaines' Sniper01:54 am
Jonathan Matijevich02:55 am
Greg Penticoff03:53 am
Ira Gaines04:59 am
Kevin Carroll05:47 am
Nina Myers09:12 am
Heart Attack10:36 am
Teri Bauer10:58 am
The Latham Group11:30 am
Jack Bauer12:23 pm
Jack Bauer12:56 pm
Alexis Drazen01:36 pm
Drazen Hitman02:59 pm
Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba03:22 pm
Jovan Myovic/Mishko Suba03:32 pm
Jovan Myovic03:36 pm
KillerCharacterTime Of Death
Ted Paulson03:44 pm
Jovan Myovic05:55 pm
Teddy Hanlin05:59 pm
Jovan Myovic06:57 pm
Tony Almeida06:58 pm
Harris' Commandos 08:06 pm
Harris' Commandos08:08 pm
Andre Drazen08:20 pm
Victor Drazen09:28 pm
Jovan Myovic/Mischko Suba09:29 pm
Victor Drazen09:34 pm
Elizabeth Nash10:08 pm
Jack Bauer11:21 pm
Jack Bauer11:21 pm
Jack Bauer11:22 pm
Jack Bauer11:23 pm
Nina Myers11:54 pm

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