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Real NamesThe Family
A reality altering imp from the 5th dimension
Michael Washington Lane
Charlie Great Eagle
Rory Regan
Superhero group run by Barbara Gordon
Barbara Gordon
George Cross
Gavin King
Jean-Paul Valley
Real NamesThe Family
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe
Bette Kane
Gavin King's bodyguard and protector
Beryl Hutchinson
Stephanie Brown
Calvin Rose
Damian Wayne
Team Batman created to cross the 'Red Tape'
Bill Great Eagle
Dick Grayson
Real NamesThe Family
Renee Montoya
Helena Bertinelli
Cyril Sheldrake
Johnny Riley
Selina Kyle
Kate Kane
A private investigator hired to be Batman's daytime liaison
Bruce Wayne
Bilial Asselah
Jason Todd
Real NamesThe Family
Batman's handy man who was killed by Hush
Unknown, claims he came up with his superhero identity a year before Batman debuted
Cassandra Cain
'The Butler'
Wendy Harris
Santiago Vargas
David Zavimbi/Luke Fox
Jiro Osamu
Kitrina Falcone
Tim Drake

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