German Verbs and Their Prepositions

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German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
etwas bei-tragento contribute something to
leidento suffer form
jemand/etwas haltento regard someone/something as
etwas verlangento demand something from/of
sich beschäftigento occupy oneself with
sich beziehento react to
zweifelnto doubt
schickento send for
Angst habento have fear of
auf-hörento stop doing, cease
jemand bittento ask someone for, request
kämpfento fight for
sich sehnento long for
bestehento insist upon
spottento joke about, ridicule
sich bemühento take pains with
beruhento be based upon
wettento bet for (stakes)
sterben to die of/from
sich irrento err, be mistaken in/about
etwas fordernto demand something of/from
sich erinnernto remember
sich beschwerento complain about
sich erkundigento inquire about/after
German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
hoffento hope for
sich vertragento get along (well) with
jemand schützento protect someone from
redento speak about ***accusative version***
(be)urteilento judge by/ according to how
stimmento vote for
denkento think of
folgernto deduce from
sich ärgernto be annoyed about/at
geratento get or fall into (danger.difficulty, etc.)
achtento pay heed to
schießento shoot at
vertrauento trust in
dienento serve a purpose as
rechnento count on
stinkento stink of
jemand warnento warn someone of/against/about
jemand gratulierento congratulate someone on
schreiento scream with/out of
sich beschränkento limit oneself to
sich verliebento fall in love with
erzählento tell about ***dative***
sich entscheidento decide on
führento lead to
German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
trinkento drink to
sich unterscheidento differ from
verkehrento associate with, mix with
sich befassento deal with
sich beklagento complain about
greifento reach for
jemand hin-weisento refer someone to
jemand raten to advise someone to
etwas verstehento understand something about
suchento search for
zitternto tremble with/from (fear, cold, etc.)
es handelt sichit is a matter of
nach-denkento think about, ponder
neigento tend to/toward
schreiento scream for
jemand fragento ask someone about
strebento strive for
klingento sound like
forschento search for, investigate
sich wenden to turn to, appeal to
erschreckento shrink at, be rightened of
sich sorgento be anxious/worried about
sich freuento be happy about
verzichtento forgo, renounce
German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
sich verabredento make an appointment with
passento match, be suited to
kommento lose, be deprived of
auf-passento keep an eye on, watch out for
antwortento answer, respond to
blickento glance at
jemand dankento thank someone for
werdento become of
spielento play for (stakes)
glaubento believe in
etwas meinento have an opinion about something
schmeckento taste like
sich freuento delight in
handelnto be about
sprechento speak about ***accusative version***
grenzento border on
fliehento flee from
lebento live on
sich interessierento be interested in
jemand erkennento recognize someone by
sich unterhaltento converse about
jemand bringento deprive or cause someone to lose
sich kümmernto look after, bother
jemand erinnernto remind someone of
German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
zeigento point/at
redento speak about ***dative***
sich erholento recover from
sich um-sehento look around for
sich verlassento rely upon
zwingento force, compel to
jemand beglückwünschento congratulate someone on
telefonierento speak on the phone with
berichtento report about/on
hörento listen to, heed
diskutierento discuss, talk about
sich einigento agree upon
sich gewöhnento get accustomed to
sich vertiefento delve into, become engrossed with
jemand ab-haltento keep, prevent someone from doing something
ein-willigento agree to
ab-hängento depend upon
sich freuento look forward to
jemand beneidento envy someone for
sich richten to direct (a comment or question) to
sich konzentrierento concentrate on
(sich) versteckento hide from
riechento smell like
sprechento talk about
German VerbPrepositionEnglish Translation
bestehento consist of
handeln to trade or deal in
arbeitento work on/at
etwas wissento know something about
werdento become, turn into
jemand hindernto hinder/prevent someone from doing something
sich fürchtento fear, be afraid of
jemand bringento bring someone to the point of
sich bewerbento apply for
Achtung/Respekt habento have respect for
berichtento report on
(sich) streitento quarrel (with one another) about
sich täuschento be mistaken about
sich lustig machento make fun of
jemand ab-raten to advise someone against
sich entschließento decide to
wartento wait for
sorgento provide for, look after
halten (viel)to think highly of
staunento be amazed at
aus-sehento look like (something will happen)
es gehtit is a matter of
sich schämento be ashamed of
sich hütento watch out for, be on guard against

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