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Thatcher elected
Alexander the Great dies (BCE)
Stockholm Summer Olympics
Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot
Peloponnesian War Ends (BCE)
Irish War of Independence
Assassination of James Garfield
Hundred Years' War begins
Richard I leads Third Crusade
Crimean War ends
Henry VIII begins reign
Stalin succeeds Lenin
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
George IV becomes Prince Regent
First Sino-Japanese War begins
Louis-Philippe installed as King of France
Mikhael Gorbachev elected
Battle of Thermopylae (BCE)
Austro-Prussian War
Oliver Cromwell dies
Yom Kippur War
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Robespierre Guillotined
Suleiman the Magnificent begins reign
Pazzi Conspiracy
Justinian I dies
Emperor Titus completes Colosseum
Second Defenestration of Prague

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