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Can you name the different styles of the board game Clue?

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How to Play
Miss Scarlet | Wrench | Conservatory
Reverend Green | Dagger | Lounge
Miss Georgia Peach | Poison | Trophy Room
Polly Peacock | Turtle | Bank
Barry Kane | Seagull | Bates Motel Room #1
Fat Tony | Cobra | Springfield History Room
Velma | Witch Doctor's Staff | Graveyard
Lidda the Halfling Rogue | Mace of Disruption | Dragon's Lair
Goofy | Film Reel | Boiler Room
Elaine Benes | Festivus Pole | Soup Kitchen
Bellatrix | Sleeping Draught | Owlery
Dwight | Bacon Grill | Accounting
Doyle | CTU Badge | Field Ops. Office
Brian | Baby Bottle Nunchucks | Meg's Room
Candi Couture | High Heel Shoe | Powder Room
The Archeologist | Oil Lamp | New Testament Dwelling
Toad | Thwomp | Peach Castle

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