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Man I hate Ducks
And in that moment he wasn't my big brother anymore he was a part of me that I had to let go forever hewas
To her I'm just a pair if buttery lips
What football player works at....... Selling pillowcases?
Ive seen our Grandmother naked nothing scares me anymore
You can never kill disco!
Whoa if you hold blood against the light you can totally see all the....
I'm wearing Jupiter boots!
Keshas not in there?
Why are you standing right way up?
You may have inflicted some minor damage but......
I want to go spend my life with her and her people
Look at that boys hair!
You got any lotion?
In Spanish!
I will stay on the girls side!
Dont act scared
You wanted fake blood?
I'll answer that right after you stick your face in them bush daisies!
I don't know your smart she's mean come up with something!
Ooh it's all tingly!
She found out jade was coming
The look like you hair
I am a police officer and I am victorious!
Why is that funny?
Don't you Want to see where this weirdo lives?

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