Gangster or Prankster?

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Can you name the people below as an actual gangster (type G) or a prankster/fake (type P)?

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Gangster or Prankster?Type G or P
Luigi 'Baby Shanks' Manocchio
Bernardo 'Big Thumbs' Viccini
Stefano 'The Terra Haute Tombstone' Valenti
Philip 'Chicken Man' Testa
Charles 'The Typewriter' Nicoletti
Simone 'Sam the Plumber' DeCavalcante
Tony 'Big Tuna' Accardo
Bernardo 'Binnie the Tractor' Provenzano
Salvatore 'Toto' D'Aquila
Vincent 'Orange Socks' Neemi
Ignazio 'Lupo the Wolf' Saietta
Joe 'Pegleg' Morgan
John 'No Nose' DiFronzo
Bob 'The Blender' Barrow
Joseph 'Joe Bananas' Bonanno
Ricardo 'The Pansy' Violetti
Kasper 'The Fatman' Gutman
Mickey 'Pizza Face' Reno
Harry 'The Hearse' Morello
Joseph 'Polack Joe' Saltis
Anthony 'Tony the Ant' Spilotro
Carmine 'The Cigar' Galante
Mario 'Miami Mario' Mascone
Chen 'King Duck' Chi-li
Anthony 'Whack-Whack' Indelicato
Antonio 'The Scourge' Lombardo
Carlos 'iPod' Forenzi
Rocco 'The Cement Mixer' Messana
Barry 'Boston Cooler' Zappoli
Paul 'The Waiter' Ricca
Joseph 'Joey the Clown' Lombardo

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