Bands You Don't Want in Your Basement

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Can you name the bands that you don't want to find when you go down the basement (if their names were real things)?

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Song HintsBand
'What's the Matter Here' and 'Like the Weather'
'She's Not There' and 'Time of the Season'
'Man in the Box' and 'No Excuses'
'Holiday in Cambodia' and 'California Uber Alles'
'Burning Down the House' and 'And She Was'
'Nearly Lost You' and 'All I Know'
'Broken Hearted Savior' and 'Bittersweet'
'More Human Than Human' and 'Black Sunshine'
'Rock You Like a Hurricane' and 'Wind of Change'
'Fight for You Right' and 'Hey Ladies'
Song HintsBand
'Touch of Grey' and 'Truckin''
'Punk Rock Girl' and 'Bitchin' Camaro'
'Blister in the Sun' and 'Add It Up'
'Placebo Headwound' and 'She Don't Use Jelly'
'Mystic Eyes' and 'Here Comes the Night'
'Kiss Them for Me' and 'Peek-A-Boo'
'20th Century Boy' and 'Bang a Gong (Get It On)'
'Ant Music' and 'Stand and Deliver'
'She Drives Me Crazy' and 'Good Thing'
'When You Were Young' and 'Mr. Brightside'

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