B-Movie or BS?

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Can you name the following as real B-movies or not?

Updated Feb 22, 2016

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B-Movie or BS?Type BM or BS
'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'
'My Sister: Prostitute Killer'
'Mummies vs. Mommies'
'Don't Go Into Science Room C'
'Night of the Lepus'
'She Gods of Shark Reef'
'The Leech Woman'
'Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter'
'Attack of the Puppet People'
'Yog: Monster from Space'
'Hell Comes to Frogtown'
'Torture! Torture! Torture! Please!'
B-Movie or BS?Type BM or BS
'The Beast of Yucca Flats'
'Wild Gals of the Naked West'
'The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant'
'The Devil Thumbs a Ride'
'Beneath Dr. Scalpel's Basement'
'Fetus from Black Hole X'
'The Slithering Tongue'
'Monster a-Go Go'
'Bride of the Gorilla'
'Fat Zombies Attack'
'I Eat Your Skin'
'Roadkill 2: Back for Gore'
'Desperate Women, Decapitated Men'

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