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Can you name the actors who represent the best and worst value for money at the box office (takings per $1 of salary)?

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RankNameTakings per dollar
1 (Worst Value)$3.29/Land of The Lost
2 $3.75/The Men Who Stare At Goats
3 $4/Mr. Woodcock
4 $4.43/Meet Dave
5 $4.77/The Longshots
6 $7.18/Valkyre
7 $7.43/Music and Lyrics
8$7.52/Revolutionary Road
9 $8.59/Lakeview Terrace
10 $8.62/A Christmas Carol
RankNameTakings per dollar
1 (Best Value)$160/Transformers
2 $114/Wanted
3 $102/Year one
4 $93/Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
5 $78/Tropic Thunder
6 $71/No Country For Old Men
7 $61/X-Men Origins
8 $55/Terminator Salvation
9 $45/The Dark Knight
10$43/GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra

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