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Cartoon charactersCartoon Characters
A mangenta tinted feline
Has squinty eyes and a staccato chuckle
Has a cackling, stuttering laugh...a bird who loves to have fun
A star from the 1930's
Girl Power times three, these girls save the world before bedtime
Boy Genius
Has a gorgeous pink car in wacky races
Has a car which strangely has to be operated through man power
Likes searching for clues
Oh where is my hairbrush?
Torments his mouse pal by chasing him
Loves a girl names Patti
Has 2 fairy godparents
Gets trapped on a treadmill in the opening credits
I'm Blueeee
Cartoon charactersCartoon Characters
Is very jealous of a certain famous rabbit
Loves to hang around Jellystone Park
That's all folks
2 animals for the price of one
Is a coward without his favourite snack
Has lucky mishaps that help him save the day with his squirrel friend
He is the best feline
Jump on the deck and blub like a fish
Owns a very songful map
Has a slobbery voice and loves chasing a cute little yellow friend
Is a karate chopping hound
Bullies her cousin and his friends, loves cookies!
What's up Doc?
Enjoys lasagne
Can talk to animals

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