Word Ladder: The Kids Should Run

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☠ ______ the People: '[Rung 18] Up Kicks' ☠1
☠ 'You'd [Rung 10] run, [Rung 10] run. _____ than my bullet...' ☠2
Observed Yom Kippur3
Felt worried (Scot.)4
Collided with something5
Tired out6
Demoted a soldier7
Striked the head against something8
'I Can't Believe It's Not ______!'9
☠ 'You'd ______ run, ______ run. Outrun my gun…' ☠10
E or G, e.g.11
Trash left lying in a public place12
Plow with a double moldboard13
Thomeone who talkth like thith14
Someone who walks lamely15
Laborer who unloaded cargo16
Proceeded awkwardly17
☠ [Rung 1] the People: '______ Up Kicks' ☠18

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