Word Ladder: Get Confident, Stupid

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✮ The Beatles: 'Baby _____ a Rich Man' ✮
'_____ Truly, John Watson' (or any other name)
Pleasure journeys
Spun, in Romanian
'The Tracks of My _____'
Department store
These are surrounding the themed hints
Embark on a new venture
✮ Having quick-witted intelligence ✮
Glass colored blue with cobalt oxide
Not big
Public restrooms have this
No longer fresh
Iowa or Nevada, e.g.
Short for statistics
Chairs or stools, e.g.
'_____ by Dr. Dre', headphones
Betty _____, Australian composer
Sandy shore
Forrest Gump's seat
'The Brady _____'
Profit gained by someone (Brit.)
✮ Stupid person ✮

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