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✩Carrey-Cooper flick [Rung 1][Rung 15]✩1
✩Rocky Carroll character in [Rung 1][Rung 15]✩2
Covered with water or another liquid3
A tamed animal kept for companionship4
Touch quickly and gently with the flat of the hand5
A thick piece of soft material used to reduce friction6
To a small extent7
✩Sean O'Bryan character in [Rung 1][Rung 15]✩8
A primary color that's the color of rubies9
Band which sings 'Everybody Hurts' and 'Losing My Religion'10
The upper or outer part of a circular object11
✩Actor Carrey who plays Carl Allen in [Rung 1][Rung 15]✩12
A dynasty that ruled China AD 265-42013
Author of 'Berenstain Bears' books with husband Stan14
✩Carrey-Cooper flick [Rung 1][Rung 15]✩15

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