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•1979 Stephen King/Bachman book: The ____ [Last Rung]•
Smoking destroys this
Slow-witted person, for short
Dane Cook film: Good ____ Chuck
•Character who dies from a cut on the knee•
'The Suite Life of ____ and Cody'
Large cut of meat
•Barkovitch 'killed' him•
•____ Olson, 'dead' before he got his ticket•
It has 5 fingers
Rubber or head, e.g.
'The Dark Knight Rises' villain
Stem of a climbing plant
Motorcycle or bicycle
•Joe's brother who died with Scramm•
In 'The [First Rung] [Last Rung]' they walk over 450 of this
Thin rectangular clay slab
Cash register
Charge to use a road
Decorated sheet metal
Past tense of tear
Al ____, Clinton's VP
Covered in blood
•____ Barkovitch, kid who says he'll 'Dance on your grave'•
Feeling caution
Bake or soft, e.g.
'The ____', Baltimore-based crime show
____ E. Coyote chases Road Runner
'____ and Grace'
•____ Hough, 'pronounce that Huff'•
Base, foot, or basket, e.g.
Bundle of hay wrapped with cords
Cut the outer skin of something
Paste of which porcelain is made
•____ McVries, nickname for Garraty's best friend•
Brazilian soccer player
Having little color
A lot of money
Tree with sharp leaves
Alcoholic drink made from grapes
Become weaker
Horizontal band around a woven basket
•1979 Stephen King/Bachman book: The [First Rung] ____•

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