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Clark Kent is his name
His girlfriend is Lois Lane
He hails from Krypton
He's fast as lightning
And part of the 'Justice League'
Wears a lightning bolt
Sue's younger brother
He can turn into a flame
He can also fly
Weapon's a hammer
His brother's his nemesis
He is a Norse God
Family was killed
Avenged his family's death
Then killed the corrupt
A mercenary
Who's mentally unstable
'The fourth wall' breaker
His fists contain claws
Had the alias Logan
Was born James Howlett
He's patriotic
His shield's indestructible
Fought in World War II
Alfred's his butler
His bane's name is 'The Joker'
Two-Face's old friend
From the 'red planet'
His name's J'onn J'onzz and John Jones
He shapeshifts and flies
Tony was gonna die
He built a suit of armor...
Lucky he's rich!
Once an assassin
He was killed and sent to hell
You can call him Al
The Man Without Fear
Is also known as Matthew
Or as Matt, for short
There have been many
The first was named Alan Scott
Hal's the most famous
Still a teen in high school
Uncle Ben taught him a 'great' phrase
Mary Jane's and Gwen's beau
A billionaire
He dresses like Robin Hood
And then shoots his bow
Amazon princess
Her weapon's Lasso of Truth
It will demand truth
If he gets angry
He'll get into purple pants
And then turn to green

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