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Updated Aug 2, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
↪Showtime TV show: ____[Rung 22]↩1
A rounded vault forming the roof of a building2
The title given to a woman at the rank of a knight3
First name of comedian Cook4
↪Brody and Jessica's daughter in [Rung 1][Rung 22]↩5
Facts and statistics collected for reference6
The day of the year specified by numbers7
A hinged barrier used to provide entrance to a place8
A strong wind9
Bold, impudent behavior10
Region Asterix and Obelix are from in the comic 'Asterix'11
↪Carrie's mentor in [Rung 1][Rung 22]↩12
Travel by ship13
Send via the postal system14
A building with a bunch of stores15
Machinery for grinding grain into flour16
1.609 kilometers17
↪Brody's best friend in [Rung 1][Rung 22]↩18
Similar to, or in the same manner of19
A long, thin mark oftentimes made by a pencil or pen20
Narrow road in a rural area21
↪Showtime TV show: [Rung 1]____↩22

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