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↪____[Rung 10]   [Rung 15]: 1994 Best Picture winner↩1
____ Worth, 5th most populous city in Texas2
Cute lemur from 'Madagascar'3
Kwik-E-____, Springfield convenience store4
Tall, upright post on a ship5
Large amount of material6
Dirty or untidy state of things7
1980 Roman Polanski film8
An exam or a quiz9
↪[Rung 1]____   [Rung 15]: 1994 Best Picture winner↩10
Deteriorate through lack of use11
Brief, strong rush of wind12
Louis ____, actor who portrays Don Zaluchi in 'The Godfather'13
Areas of flesh around the teeth14
↪[Rung 1][Rung 10]   ____: 1994 Best Picture winner↩15

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