Word Ladder: A Tribute to a Great Film Critic

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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder connecting the first and last names of a film critic who died 4/4/13?

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•_____ [Last Rung], Film critic who died 4/4/13•
Cowboy boot with a short heel and round toe
Ivan _____, Russian architect
Small wheel formerly fixed to the pan of firelocks
Cause to get up
Make very warm
Edge of the land
Roz _____, American cartoonist
Somewhere to hide treasure
Decieve or trick
Shoe used when playing football (soccer)
Iris _____, Owner of self-named art gallery
Intellectually active
Turn away one's eyes
Chris ____, 18-time Grand Slam tennis champion
•[First Rung] _____, Film critic who died 4/4/13•

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