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Updated Feb 19, 2014

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Clue4-Letter Word
▲The Suite ____ of [Rung 22] & [Rung 42]▲1
Bugs that live in hair2
Use tongue to taste, moisten, or clean3
▲Good ____ Charlie▲4
Be hidden waiting to ambush somebody5
Something daring done for fun6
Remember something from the past7
Injure or abuse8
▲A.N.T. ____▲9
An archaic place of residence10
▲Phineas and _____▲11
Plant used for flavoring12
In this place or position13
Beyoncé song: If I ____ a Boy14
Had on one's body15
Traditions held by a specific group16
Solitary or single17
▲American Dragon: Jake _____▲18
Fritz ____, Austrian-American filmmaker19
Long, limp, and straight hair20
To not having enough of something21
Clue4-Letter Word
▲The Suite [Rung 1] of ____ & [Rung 42]▲22
____ Galifianakis, 'The Hangover' star23
Johann Sebastian ____, German composer24
Spine of a person or animal25
Singer who sings 'Loser'26
▲The Suite [Rung 1] on ____▲27
2005 film: Fun with ____ and Jane28
Flat, thin round object29
Shallow container for cooking or serving food30
▲____ Hooks▲31
Hall of Fame baseball catcher Carlton32
Board game of global domination33
Come or go up34
Destroying a building (UK spelling)35
Talk wild as if you were insane36
▲____ the Barbarian▲37
Challenge someone to do something38
Tend to or nurture39
Central part of an apple40
▲____ in the House▲41
▲The Suite [Rung 1] of [Rung 22] & ____▲42

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