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What year was Ken's Nehru Jacket from?
Who owned Jessie before Al did?
What color is Hamm?
What's Bonnie's toy dinosaur's name?
Before Andy moved to his new house, who was his next door neighbor's name?
Who did Barbie fall in love with?
What weapon did One-Eyed Betty use to whack Woody off the train?
Which toy had the same owner as Lotso and was founded by Bonnie?
What's Bo's full name?
In the first movie, where did Andy's mom get gas from?
What year was the first Toy Story made?
Who is the 'Eye of the Sky'?
What's the horse's name?
What did Buzz and his friends use to cross the street to Al's Toy Barn?
Who caught Buzz spying on Ken and his friends?
What's the unicorn's name?
What was the Prospector's name?
Where was Al taking the entire Roundup Gang to?
What did Al use to distract Andy's mom so he could steal Woody?
What's Andy's toy dinosaur's name?
Who found out that Andy was looking for them?
What vehicle did Buzz take to rescue Woody from Al?
Who owned Lotso in the first place?
Where did Woody end up at the end of the 3rd Movie?
What was Andy's favorite two toys?
Who dragged Woody into the garbage can?
What alien world did the aliens come from?
Who did Woody rescue during the yard sale?
What color was Al's suitcase that had the toys?
What day care did Woody and his friends go to?

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