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What did the mammoth do to the sloth to make himself and the baby happy?
Who did the mama dinosaur carry with the baby dinosaurs?
When the mammoth and his friends walked through a blizzard, where did icicles come from? (Sloth)
What is the female mammoth's name?
What spaceship did the sloth find in the ice?
What's the squirrel's name?
At the very beginning of the first movie, what was the sloth chased by? (The type of animal)
When the mammoth flung one of the possum twins, what the the possum crash on?
What object killed the saber leader?
Who flung the opossum?
What is the mammoth's baby's name?
What item cracked the ice to let the water flow away?
How many sabers tried to kill the mammoth at the end of the movie?
Which movie did the squirrel find a female squirrel just like him?
Name one of the opossum twins.
What did the female mammoth think she was before she actually was a mammoth?
What's the mammoth's name?
Which opossum did the mammoth fling?
What is the sloth's uncle's name?
Who fell in the water when the two fish were attacking the mammoth and his friends?
Who saved the saber from the hot lava?
What was the sloth sleeping on at the beginning of the first movie?
What is the saber's name?
What giant band of animals appeared at the end of the 2nd movie?
Who is the turtle that was killed by two fish?
When the sloth wiped poop off his feet, what did he wiped it on?
How many dinosaurs did the mama dinosaur have?
What is the 3rd movie's name?
What is the sloth's name?
What was the 2nd movie's name?

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