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Can you name the teams by a brief description of their logo?

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a slanted rectangle with orange streaks behind a gleaming basketball
a circular blue design includes mountains and a basketball
a black and blue horse
the first initial of this team's logo surrounds a yellow basketball
a silver and blue basketball going through a ring with red accents
a great red bird clutching a basketball
a canine in the center of green trees
a red and blue shield design borders a basketball as well as the team initials
an athletic dinosaur
an orange feline with blue accents
a dark blue bruin with yellow eyes
a fierce red horned creature
the first initial of the team name and city name serves as the torso of a mystical figure
a classic-looking red, white, and blue rectangular logo with a white basketball in the center
snow-capped mountains
purple font in front of a yellow basketball
a sword in front of a basketball and through the team name
this team's nickname is plastered over a classic orange basketball
a sparkling blue and silver basketball arcs under the team nickname
purple and silver swords accent this logo
a red, white, and blue classic basketball design
a cowboy's heel apparatus serves as a letter in this teams nickname on their logo
the first initial of this team's nickname is surrounded by a red ring
a slanted rectangular with a silver and red pinwheel design inside
a muscular man clutching a lightning bolt
a leprechaun
big game in red and green
the team name is centered inside a thin red outline of a basketball
a combusted basketball dropping through a ring
a blue and yellow insect clutching a basketball

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