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Author HintAuthor's Nameother information
Died while at Vesuvius
Loved Lesbia
Female Poet
Wrote advice about farming
Lawyer killed by Antony
Slave name from 'Forum'
Earlier Epigram writer
Wrote letters to Trajan
Wrote odes
His hero was Aeneus
Was exiled by Augustus
His mother had high hopes for him
Author HintAuthor's Nameother information
'Carpe Diem' poet
Later Epigram writer
Wrote advice for ladies looking for love
Emo poet
Wrote Metamorphoses
Wrote an interesting history of Rome
His hands were nailed to the Senate door
Prosecuted Cataline
Reconciled the stories of Aeneas and Romulus
Thought a man need not marry before 30
Went to school with Augustus Caesar
Wrote a ghost story

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