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InfoCharacter w/Last NameLoyalty/House
would do anything for a good story; twists the words of others to create false images in the Quibbler
is charged with murdering Dumbledore
attempts to obtain the prophecy for Voldemort but falls out of his graces
Impersonates Mad-Eye Moody
A Death Eater; caught and tried as a Death Eater, but wormed his way out of trouble
attacks Harry in the chamber of secrets on Riddle's command.
Also known as Scabbers; a servant to Lord Voldemort; former friends with James Potter
InfoCharacter w/Last NameLoyalty/House
surprsingly, becomes an accomplished Dark Wizard who attempts to kill Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in the Room of Requirement
When his curse fire got out of control, ron and Hermione saved him and flew him out
antagonist of the story, murders Harry's parents, and creates 7 horcruxes
Escapes from Azkaban and murders Sirius Black
seizes the school in Harry's 5th year for the Ministry of Magic
Lies about Harry's death in order to find out if her son lives.

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