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InfoCharacter and Last NameLoyalty/House
A metamorphmagus and Auror killed by her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange in book 7.
Pursues Hermione; Harry's best friend
has the worst luck, seems to share the prophecy at one point with Harry.
Gives Harry is first wand and owns a shop
framed and is forced to use an umbrella as a wand.
Gryffindor Quidditch Keepr for one game.
teacher of transfiguration and head of Gryffindor House
a creature whose tears heal.
Hero with the lightning bolt on his forehead
Harry's Deceased mom.
Opens a Joke Shop with his brother and marries Angelina Johnson.
was friends with James Potter in his earlier years, transforms into a werewolf, dies in the 7th book
The smartest student at Hogwarts
InfoCharacter and Last NameLoyalty/House
tortured by the Cursed Opal Necklace at Hogsmeade
Harry's #1 fan, always snapping photos of him
arguably the most renowned Auror; captured by Barty Crouch in the 4th volume to trick Harry into getting close to him.
Killed my Voldemort after finding out the Cup was a Portkey to kill Harry in the fourth book/movie
Opens a Joke Shop with His brother and is killed in the 7th book.
spy for Dumbledore; agrees to aid Draco Malfoy in Dumbledore's murder
Called 'Luny' for her odd behavior; abducted by death eaters
House elf who prevents Harry from going to Hogwarts his second year
marries Harry at the end of the series; captured in the 2nd book by Tom Riddle
Harry's deceased dad.
Harry's Godfather forced into hiding after being proclaimed as a murderer.
Headmaster of Hogwarts until book 7; loses title as headmaster briefly in book 5

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