Sonic the Hedgehog Characters 2

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Can you name the Sonic the Hedgehog Characters 2?

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Super speed
Flies with his twin _________
Powerful punches
Enormous Hammer
Flies with her ears
Chaos control
Theving tresure hunter
One of the first three of the e-series
Telokenetic hedgehog
__________ing cat
Dark looking echidna
Invisible Ninja
Honey bee
Flying Squirrel
Friends with Froggy
Robot creater
Pirate robot
The waterbike racer
Captain Obsesed racoon
The genie of the ring
Copies moves from anyone
Leader of the Babylon Roges
Tech expert of the Babylon Roges
Power house of the Babylon Roges
A yellow power house
Green pyromaniac bird
Evil doll
Known as 'Light Gaia'

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