Harrison Ford Survives

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Can you name the film by the way in it Harrison Ford inexplicably cheats death?

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Survives numerous times simply because the people shooting him are such unbelievably bad shots1977
Survives jumping off of a sloped dam without hitting it or getting hurt when hitting the water1993
Survives an explosive car crash with no more than a scratch2006
Survives being dragged behind an AC-130 while wearing nothing but a suit1997
Survives the explosion of a boat he's just jumped from1989
Uses Amish herbs and poultices to recover from a gunshot wound1985
Saved by a robot who just spent a whole film trying to kill him1982
Survives the wrath of God by closing his eyes1981
Survives a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge2008
Uses a life-raft as a sort of parachute/cushion1984
Somehow survives being coated and frozen in metal with nothing worse than temporary blindness1983

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