American Indian Place Names

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Can you guess the modern place names by the meaning of the Native American word on which they are based?

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DescriptionPlaceType of place
Town of large canoesstate
Alternating mountains and valleysstate
Isolated thing in watercity
Place where the river narrowsprovince
Good riverstate
Build on an island in a lakecountry
Old towncity
Our own landterritory
The good landcity
Father of watersstate
Land of tomorrowstate
DescriptionPlaceType of place
Onion smellcity
Fast flowingprovince
Beautiful lake, stones by the waterprovince
Large lakestate
Thicket clearingstate
The south windstate
That which the sea breaks againststate
Flat waterstate
Sky-colored waterstate
place of the long tidal riverstate
Around a large hillstate
People of the mountainsstate
Small springstate
Red peoplestate

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