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Can you name the TV cartoons of the 80's and 90's by characters??

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Man at Arms, Beastman
Simon, Theodore, Alvin
Destro, Shipwreck
doozers, Sprocket
Mushmouth, Bucky
Cubbi, Sunni Gummi
Lion-O, Cheetara
Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge McDuck
Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo
CornfedPig, Bernice
Tommy, Chuckie
Douglas Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise
Starscream, Grimlock
Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny
Stan, Cartman
Bart, Lisa
Daria Morgandorffer, Jake Allen
Stimpson J Cat, Ren Hoek
Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner
Kwame, Wheeler
Splinter, Casey Jones
Allstar Seaworthy, Casey Kelp
Hefty, Brainy
Megavolt Launchpad McQuack
Prof Nimnul, Monterey Jack
Bobby, Uncle Ted

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