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First LineSongAlbum
'Call back the cap com.'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'That ..... she's a bomb, she's an atomb bomb'The Midsummer Station
'I saw a ghost on the stairs'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'Standing up and take a bow'The Midsummer Station
'Every light in the night flicker in and out'The Midsummer Station
'Good evening shuttle bus'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'I wish I could cross my arms'Ocean Eyes
'There was a shot in the dark I was caught by surprise'The Midsummer Station
'Wake up on your own'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'If you're The Bird,'Ocean Eyes
'Where was I when rockets came to life'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'Breath and I'll carry you away'Ocean Eyes
'I'm alone above the atmosphere'Of June
'We were alone on the road driving faster'The Midsummer Station
'My rock heavy passion is bitter-sweet, and onto the teeth'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'Woke up on the right side of the bed'The Midsummer Station
'There were days when each hour was a war I fought to survive'The Midsummer Station
'High rise, veins of the avenue'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'Your'e the sky that I fell through,'Ocean Eyes
'I am stuck, in L.A.'Of June
'Wake me if you're out there'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'Breathe and I'll carry you away'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'Stems and gears, oh how the daisies bloom'Ocean Eyes
'When I am fast asleep'Of June
'I am the red in the rose'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'I'm moving to Tokyo'Of June
'Met a girl in the parking lot'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'I saw the autumn leaves peel up off the street'All Things Bright and Beautiful
First LineSongAlbum
'Splash down in the silver screen'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'I saw your face in a criminal sketch'The Midsummer Station
'The princess in her flower bed'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'Welcome back, winter once again'Ocean Eyes
'If I could look across the country, to California to New Jersey'Of June
'Please take a long hard look throught your textbook'Ocean Eyes
'June was the lobster shell I dug by hand'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'You would not believe your eyes'Ocean Eyes
'Glamour and fashion, models and magazines'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'Don't remind me,that some days I'm a windshield'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'I can finally see that, your'e right there beside me'Ocean Eyes
'I brush my teeth and look in the mirror'Ocean Eyes
'Oh Oh I can't even take it in'The Midsummer Station
'I regarded the world as such a sad sight'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'The stars lean down to kiss you'Ocean Eyes
[Spoken] 'Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a day for mourning and rememering'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'I stood up and took a breath'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'I'm tired of waking up in tears'The Midsummer Station
'The bird is here'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'I opened my eyes last night'Ocean Eyes
'I tried to disappear but you're the only reason I'm floating here'The Midsummer Station
'Affection, the gifted architect'Of June
'------- ------, I am a mountaineer'Ocean Eyes/Of June
'Close your tired eyes'The Midsummer Station
'Are you out there?'Maybe I'm Dreaming
'Ship wreck, in a sea of faces'To the Sky
'I survived a dreadful accident'All Things Bright and Beautiful
'If we could sit together a moment'Maybe I'm Dreaming

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